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Graffiti Removal

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Can Be Offensive
Not All Graffiti Is Street Art

For some people graffiti is colorful and creative. However, it can also be unsightly and offensive. Deliberate defacement of property can be unacceptable. Our graffiti removal service cleans any property surface using the appropriate process that prevents damage to the original surface.

Our graffiti removal service consists of using environmental friendly abrasives along with purpose made jetting equipment. We focus on the removal of the contaminant layer without damaging the original surface underneath. Our equipment is less aggressive when compared to traditional high pressure water jet removal.

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Our Friendly Staff Will Be More Than Happy To Respond To Your Graffiti Removal Needs.

Graffiti Removal

EnvoClean Ltd. Logo Graffiti Removal

Environment First

Some things we do to reduce waste, conserve energy & prevent pollution include.

  • Careful assessment of contamination.
  • Use environmentally safe products.
  • Contain contamination for removal.
  • Dispose of contamination properly.

Our Graffiti Removal Process


Location & Site Access.


What Process & Type Of Cleaning To Use.


Surface & Assess Containment/Removal Of Any Contaminants


Commence Cleaning Process & If Required Seal Surface Area.